Product Catalog


Contemporary Mantels


Our contemporary mantels are made for customers that are looking for a clean and simple look. With no signs of distressing, this mantel will make your space look perfectly modern.


Rustic Mantels


Our rustic mantels are perfect for our customers that want their fireplace mantel to have a touch of character without having to commit to a fully distressed look.


Distressed Mantels


Our distressed mantels are perfect for when your fireplace needs to show some serious character. With heavy gouging, your mantel will look like it's got more than a few stories to tell.


Ash Floating Shelves


Strong, durable and light-colored floating shelves

Rustic Floating Shelves


Floating shelves with the a touch of character

Walnut Floating Shelf


Real, solid walnut floating shelves

Ash Shelves with Brackets


Strong, durable and light-colored floating shelves

Rustic Shelves with Brackets


Bracketed shelves with a touch of character

Walnut Shelves with Brackets


Real, solid walnut bracketed shelves



Heavy-Duty metal brackets



Heavy-Duty metal brackets