10 Unique Ways to Install Floating Shelves

By Jasmine Huff | February 7, 2023 | Floating Shelves, Home Decor Ideas, Open Shelving

Floating shelves are all the rage right now and for good reason! With no visible brackets or wall support, they add a beautiful modern touch to any space. Floating shelves can be used for so much more than just decoration!  Often used as a replacement for bulky wall units or cabinets, there are plenty of ways you can use floating shelves in your home that go beyond simply storing knickknacks. Installation is simple and customization is readily available making these shelves perfect for every area of your home. 

Check out 10 of the most unique ways to install floating shelves below!

Unfinished Ash Floating Shelves

1. Open Kitchen Shelving 

Designers everywhere are opting out of that traditional style look and becoming more innovative with the way they design their kitchen spaces! In place of cabinets, designers are adding two or three floating shelves for storage. This helps keep the space open without adding any weight to the top of the design. It’s nice to have contrast between the open shelves and the cabinets below. 

Pro Tip: Juxtaposition is your best friend when it comes to design!

2. Laundry Room Shelves

It’s important to have enough space to get things done. When you don’t have a lot of space, it’s even more important to create space. Laundry rooms can get cluttered quickly. Adding a floating shelf above your washer and dryer is a perfect way to add a little more storage for all things laundry!

Pro Tip: Storing powder detergent in an air-tight container keeps it fresh longer!

Aged Oak Rustic Floating Shelves in a laundry room
Aged Oak Rustic Floating Shelves
Provincial Ash Floating Shelves
Provincial Ash Floating Shelves

3. Living Room Built-In

Fireplace walls are typically the main focal point of a living room. Adding a floating shelf built-in around the fireplace enhances the overall aesthetic of the room. While beautiful to look at, built-ins are also extremely practical!

Pro Tip: Built-ins are perfect for storing your favorite memories, memorabilia, books, and so much more!

4. Bar Shelving

Balance is extremely important in design. Not only does it create cohesion, balance makes a space more visually appealing. Floating shelves can quickly add weight to an otherwise bottom-heavy design. Whether it’s for aesthetic or practical purposes, floating shelves are sure to make your bar an amazing entertainment space.

Pro Tip: Adding LED lights underneath your shelves is a quick and easy way to add interest to your bar space!

Aged Barrel Rustic Floating Shelves above a home bar
Aged Barrel Rustic Floating Shelves
Aged Barrel Rustic Floating Shelves

5. Display Shelves

Displays are perfect for your memorabilia and other collectibles! Floating shelves are, without fault, the best option for showcasing your prized possessions. Just choose the perfect height to keep fragile items out of harms way and you’re good to go!

Pro Tip: Use more shelves to keep your area from getting cluttered!

6. Coffee Bar

Attention coffee lovers, this one’s for you! Create your own little café at home using floating shelves. Easily store your coffee maker and accessories in the same area without the hassle of clean up!

Pro Tip: Ensure your shelf is slightly larger than you’ll need to guarantee fragile items stay safe!

Aged Oak Rustic Floating Shelves above a home coffee bar
Aged Oak Rustic Floating Shelves
Jacobean Rustic Floating Shelves in a home pantry
Jacobean Rustic Floating Shelves

7. Pantry

Maximizing storage space in your pantry is extremely important. Not only does it allow more space for items, it widens organization potential. Floating shelves are perfect for your pantry. They’re easily customizable, meaning you’ll get the perfect fit every time.

Pro Tip: Use containers and labels to maximize organization potential!

8. Floating Table/Bar

Tables take up a lot of space that some don’t have, or simply don’t want to give up. Floating shelves are a perfect alternative. Simply install the shelf at your desired height and you have a brand new table or bar! Expressing your creativity is fun, especially when products are so versatile in their use.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re choosing a shelf with enough depth, so you have room for things like plates, computers, etc!

Natural Finish Ash Floating Shelf used as wall mounted table
Natural Finish Ash Floating Shelf
Walnut Floating Shelves mounted above a bathtub
Walnut Floating Shelves

9. Bathtub Shelving

There is nothing worse than getting into the bathtub and realizing you forgot something. Keep your bathtub essentials handy with floating shelves! Creating a focal point above the bath is genius. Not only does it add interest for the eye, it also adds dimension to a space that is otherwise lackluster.

Pro Tip: Adding a Eucalyptus plant above your bath helps clear stomach congestion and reduce inflammation!

10. Bathroom Storage

Instead of installing a bulky storage cabinet, take your bathroom to the next level with open shelving! Installing two or three floating shelves in place of a closet or cabinet opens up the space tremendously. It also encourages you to keep your storage space tidy. When your essentials are out in the open, it becomes a reminder to keep them well organized.

Pro Tip: Use bins to help organize your essentials!

Aged Barrel Rustic Floating Shelves mounted in a bathroom for storage
Aged Barrel Rustic Floating Shelves

Final Thoughts

Release your inner creativity today using floating shelves! Remember, it’s not about if something will work, it’s about how you can make something happen. We hoped this post helped you find a fun, unique use for your floating shelves!