•1 Bracket

•Heavy-Duty floating shelves brackets
•Strong and reliable
•Manufactured by professionals with precision and attention to detail
•Powder coated
•Easy to work with
•Pre-made, ready to ship
•Those brackets are best to be used for shelves 1.75"-2.5" thick shelves and 24"-60" wide shelves.


To make your shelf preparation process smooth and easy, you will need:
• 9/16" drill bid for brackets with 1/2" rods
•13/16" drill bid for brackets with 3/4" rods
• router bid

Step 1. On the back of the shelf, mark where the back of the backplate of the bracket will be.
Step 2. With a router, router the back of the shelf to accommodate for the backplate of the bracket.
Step 3. On the back of the shelf, mark where the rods will be.
Step 4. With a designated drill bit, drill out holes for the bracket rods.

We recommend installing the bracket into the studs. If the predrilled holes do not align with your studs, you can always drill into a bracket backplate to add additional holes.

Step 1. Determine where you would like to install a shelf.
Step 2. With a pencil, mark where you are planning to install the bracket.
Step 3. With a stud finder, locate studs.
Step 4. If predrilled holes on a backplate of the bracket do not align with studs, please see the recommendations section above.
Step 5. Once predrilled screw holes align with studs, screw the bracket into the wall with provided screws.
Step 6. Congratulations!!! Your bracket is installed, and you are ready to install your shelf.