High-quality hand-made shelves. Walnut live edge floating shelves are made of natural walnut hardwood. Live edge is carefully selected to express organic and natural forms. Those shelves are made in the USA, in our facility from start to finish. The shelf is 1" thick. Each pair of shelf brackets can hold up to 75lb. Our shelves are made with love and passion. Those shelves will have knots and imperfections to match live edge. These shelves are as beautiful as they are useful, robust, light, and elegant. They are made to fulfill your design needs. In a modern style, they add a sense of nature and harmony, to a retro-rustic style, they add a touch of wholeness. Each shelf will differ from the rest because each piece of wood is unique.


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What you will get: Shelf, installation bracket, screws, anchors, and installation instructions.

To make the installation process effortless and quick, a customer will need: Tape measure, Stud finder, Pencil, Level, & Drill.


Wipe with a soft, dry cloth. To protect finish, avoid the use of harsh chemicals and household cleaners. Hardware may loosen over time. Periodically check that all connections are tight.